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As you read on I’ll break down why the business model of being an Author + Speaker + Coach is the fastest path to increasing your income, influence, & impact with your God-given message…


You Live Your LIFE ON FIRE!

When you give me your undivided attention and commit to reading this + watch my free video training… I will do my absolute best to over deliver to you 🙌

My intention is to truly “serve you” whether we ever end up working together or not.

My goal is for this free resource to be so valuable that you literally share this page with your friends and family 📲.

There’s nothing more frustrating than an “online marketer” or “greedy guru” talking a big game but falling short.

It’s easy to spot when someone is ONLY trying to serve themselves, isn’t it?  

If there’s one thing that you’ll get to know about me is that I truly care. 
As a Business Coach for over 10+ years…my success is completely dependent upon the success of my clients.

My goal is to “give first” and over deliver to you with this free resource…
Just leading with free value and then seeing if we can help you to achieve your wildest dreams faster than you could on your own.

I believe in radical transparency, honesty, & integrity and that’s one of the reasons our company, Life on Fire, was named on Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the country, woohoo!
There are a lot of business models out there and what I’ve found after coaching over 10,000+ people is that one of the fastest ways to help someone succeed is to…

Make sure that you’re in the right “vehicle” or business model 🚀 and surrounding yourself with others that have the results you want.

So let me ask you…

Make Sure You’re In the “Right” Business Model

One of the 1st things we coach our clients on is to make sure that they are in the right business model so that all of their effort will pay off.

I mean there is nothing worse than working hard only to spin your wheels and end up in the same place year after year.  

If you’re not making enough net profit in the business that is because…

More “symptoms” of being in a broken business model:

A true business will ONLY make an impact and flourish if it is sustainable and profitable.  

Otherwise, it will end up as an expensive hobby that you, your friends, and your family may resent.

So how do you flip the script and create an endless stream of interested ideal prospects that beg to hire you?

Our ‘Give First’ Business Model

Our proven “Give First” business model leads with serving others and then inspires your prospects into action to “want” to hire you.

It applies perfectly as an Author, Speaker, & Coach as you’ll see in my upcoming free video training.

When you increase your influence, authority, & credibility, that is the rocket fuel that fans the flames of your success.

Imagine having an endless list of clients who are raising their hands to work with you! All due to you using the “right” strategies to grow your influence and provide more value.

With the proper business model in play, you will not have to “sell” anybody anything.
Either way, I’m confident this information + my video training will serve you well.

The “Give First” Business Model Overview:

The “Give First” business model is key when building your Author / Speaker / Coach business.  

It’s the difference between success and failure.

The “Give First” model works online, in person, and even in “traditional” businesses as well. Example:
Instead of selling…I’d rather serve and inspire to grow my business…wouldn’t you!?

It’s sooo much better than begging for business or hounding friends and family (yuck!).

As you read on, I’ll break down why the business model of combining all 3 incomes as an Author + Speaker + Coach is the fastest path to increasing your income, influence, & impact with your God-given message.  

As opposed to just 1 or 2 of them.

What Is The Best Next Step?

The next step is actually simpler than you think (phew!) …

You do the same exact thing that the most successful people in the world do…

You write a BESTSELLING Book!

Most people perceive this to be a difficult task because they don’t know what they don’t know. Read that again!

Read on and click continue at the bottom and I’ll teach you exactly how to do this on my free video training.

Ok… so here’s the power of a Bestselling Book:
You see, being a Bestselling author gives you instant authority & credibility in your niche whether you have experience or not.

(If you already have a book, don’t worry…I’ll share some ninja 🥷 book marketing strategies with you on my free video training that most Author’s miss.)

“Wait Nick, how can I write a book without being an expert!??”
We teach so many ways to write a bestselling book fast that most people aren’t aware of and the bottom line is that we can teach literally anyone to become a BESTSELLING AUTHOR!

Oooh boy, I’m just starting to get warmed up now 🕺🔥  

Click “continue” below to keep reading about how to leverage our duplicatable Author / Speaker / Coach business model to scale your business from 6 to 7 figures while impacting more lives…
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